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  • Now is the winter of our discontent, that is if you can’t use your concession card!

  • Frequent loo visits in the middle of the night are the norm. It is worth reducing liquid intake from 6.00pm onwards to reduce loo visits.

  • If you don’t understand things by now you may have missed the boat. This is still a time to keep learning about life and all of its mysteries.

  • Travel at every opportunity if you can get the insurance. It is a time of shorter trips and visits to the family. Keep planning trips to assist the mind to stay active.

  • Live each day like it is your last because it well might be. As you settle into winter you realise the fragility of life and the importance of enjoying each moment of the day from sunrise to sunset.

  • Top up your eulogy with the past few years experiences or write one if you have neglected to record your journey. There is nothing worst than going to a funeral and the only words spoken is that he died after living a long life!

  • Afternoon naps are essential and recommended. Set your alarm though for an hour so that you do not miss dinner. Power naps as the name suggests do provide power/energy for the body.

  • The line to the exit of life rapidly reduces. Everyone is moving towards the exit of life, use this fact to fill in every day with joy and happiness.

  • If you can make it to aged care you have achieved a milestone as many of your friends are probably in the cemetery.


  • Keep using all body parts until they no longer work and trade them in on new ones.

  • Buy a smart watch, they will tell you to get up and move if you have been sitting around for extended periods of time. If you are a golfer the watch will also inform you of yardages on your golf course. 

  • Never go past a toilet without using it. Also click on to google maps and find toilets if you are traveling, there is nothing worse than dying for a wee.

  • Don’t trust your farts refer to the above wisdom.

  • Stay mentally active, continue to learn. Here is an opportunity to visit museums, art galleries and botanical gardens to use all of your sensory abilities. Make an effort to get outside and into the sunshine.

  • Watch less news if you want a stress free life, these days mainstream media regurgitate negativity on an hourly basis. It is worth to stay informed however seeing the same news three times a day will only encourage dark moods.

  • Beware of spending too much time in your own mind, to get the best value from your brain requires having a break in transmission, schedule in some meditation. There are plenty of free meditation apps although if you want to get serious upload Synctuition. This is the app that works for the author.

  • It is time to find a great moisturiser as your skin will start to get dryer and crack. Small maintenance habits go a long way to longevity.

  • Get your grandchildren to set up a YouTube library of your favourite comedians and have a daily laugh. Share the laugh with your mates and families.

  • See your GP every 2 years for a good check-up. Record all results to your long health history.

   Ask your doctor about:

  • Heart disease and maintaining a diet that will assist, high blood pressure and whether your medication is correct and the possibility of stroke.

  • Injuries that do not heal quickly or at all.

  • Any physical or mental symptoms that continue for 2 weeks or longer.

  • Skin cancers and have an annual check over.

  • A health plan to maintain you physically, mentally and socially fit to 100.

  • Be aware what food you are feeding your body, choose fruit, vegetables and lean meats. It is okay to have fast food as a treat.

  • Keep learning new information from books, newspapers and audio books. The mind must keep ticking over, crosswords, sudoku and puzzle games are all available at your library or online. Get cracking!

  • Practice some heart breathing, place your hand on your heart and imagine a box shape perimeter. Breathe in to the count of 4 (top of the box) hold the breathe for the count of 4 (side of the box), breathe out to the count of 4 (bottom of the box), hold for the count of 4 (other side of the box). You can breathe in a clockwise direction for 3 times and then imagine going the other way for 3 times. Close the eyes to capture the essence of this breathing exercise. It is a great way to calm the mind and works well if you feel anxious.

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day for better performance. Your body requires water to regulate body temperatures. Drinking adequate water helps men to sleep better, improves moods and cognition.

  • Start tapping to dissolve anxiety. Upload the free Well Man app via the QR code below and search in the Mental section under Tapping to Relieve Emotional Stress.

  • Stay active and keep moving. If you are able, get out and walk in nature, smell, listen, touch and see what is going on in the moment. Keep your awareness on where you are placing your feet, carry a cane/shooting stick if needed to maintain your balance.

  • Make your own soup this is a form of therapy, put on some music and enjoy taking your time, this is not a race, enjoy the experience. Its easy to do, simply roast your favourite vegetables and add them to a soup stock, gently simmer for 15 minutes and then blend.

  • Schedule in a siesta at 2pm each afternoon for 1 hour to recharge the batteries.

  • Keep being a part of life’s rich fabric by contributing your wisdom to others, you have an important role to play in mentoring younger men.

  • Only drink good wine and eat good food this is your last hurrah if you had not noticed.

  • Embrace life in every facet. Consider yourself extremely lucky to be on the planet, be grateful, kind and spread smiles.

  • Use every moment to discover something new. Time is a ticking, have a go at new skills and get outside your comfort zone to get the most out of life..

  • Connect with family and friends weekly, it only needs a phone call, text or skype to say hello, this is important to you and them.

  • Say "I love you" to the people you care about, do not miss any opportunity to share your emotions. It is hard to say anything from the grave.

  • Have few regrets and finish what you set out to do.

  • Your life is your choice, be the best version of yourself what ever age you make. Give back to society with donations as your life will not require mast amounts of money to sustain. Give with your heart and leave a legacy. 

I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything till noon.

That’s when it is time for my nap. Bob Hope



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