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  • The seasons are a changing and you can tell by the effect of gravity on your body and soul. Everything is heading south with great pace unless you implement a maintenance routine.

  • During autumn you can lose your identity, suddenly you are no longer employed and a part of the system. If your job was your life you are in for a rude awakening as you are no longer a player in the game. Many men at this stage get a little lost. Plan for your retirement, put in place hobbies and jobs to do when free time is available in abundance. Volunteer in community services.

  • Life's issues and mysteries make more sense as you have a better handle on life. Your life skills should be at a premium at this stage use them wisely.

  • Time races past so much faster, years feel like months and months like weeks. Use your time to the max and enjoy each moment.

  • It is time to get a dog, cat or bird. They provide unconditional love, companionship and will bring a smile to your lips most days.

  • Your health is no longer a given, checks and colonoscopies sort that illusion. You are now into a season of maintenance if any symptoms appear get them looked at in a timely fashion.

  • You start seeking and searching for the magic pill or formula, this maybe vitamins or Viagra. It is worth investigating natural remedies.

  • The belly can be a permanent fixture and is a hard to manage. Stay active, eat less and keep an eye on your plate size. It is better to eat 4 small meals a day the size of a side plate. Chew every last morsel and take time to enjoy flavours. 

  • Without stretching agility is impossible, it is also important for maintaining an upright position and simply moving forward.

  • You start to attend more funerals than weddings and some friends may have shuffled off the planet. This is the circle of life, for more information about grieving upload the free Well Man app via the QR code and check in the Social Wellbeing section.


  • Your G.P. should be your best friend by now. See action plan below for what to ask your doctor for your annual health check.

  • Eat less, drink less alcohol and exercise. When a man has too much time he can self medicate with alcohol, drugs and comfort food, do not fall into this trap!

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day for better performance. Your body requires water to regulate body temperatures. Drinking adequate water to sleep better, improve your moods and mental cognition.

  • For great dietary advice upload the free Well Man app for easy recipes and information about reading cans, what nuts to eat and healthy eating for men.  Upload via the QR code at the bottom of this page.

  • It is time to find a great moisturiser as your skin will start to get dryer and crack. Small maintenance habits go a long way to longevity.

  • Past mental issues and conflicts come home to roost. Men seem to be able to function up to 60 by shelving trauma and mental issues. However the dams burst after 60 and professional help is needed to manage these issues. Find a good therapist and talk it out, it is the only way to cope. Dragging trauma bags behind you for the next 20 years can be extremely tiring.

  • Keep using your brain, turn off cruise control. This is a key if you find yourself retired with too much time to daydream. 

  • No backing up into your cave. Autumn is a time to become socially active, make an effort to talk and socialise with people.

  • Watch less news if you want a stress free life, these days mainstream media regurgitate negativity on an hourly basis. It is worth to stay informed however seeing the same news three times a day will only encourage dark moods.

  • Get your grandchildren to set up a YouTube library of your favourite comedians and have a daily laugh. Share the laugh with your mates and family.

  • This is a great time to write your eulogy so that when the day comes your friends and family will get a better insight to what you have left as a legacy. No one gets out here alive!


  • See your GP annually (on your birthday) for a complete health check. Record all results and create your own health history.

Ask your doctor about:

  • Heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Heart disease is the major killer of men in Australia and 4 in 5 heart deaths of men under 65 are men, avoid becoming a statistic. 

  • Include a blood test to check PSA protein levels (prostate-specific antigen), kidney function, sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • Respiratory illness and lung cancer especially if you are a smoker.

  • Erectile difficulties and diminishing libido. There is plenty of help in this field and sex is one of life's joys.

  • Bowel, prostate and skin cancers. Make sure to use the bowel kit when it arrives on your doorstep.

  • Anxiety and depression if you have been sad for more than 2 weeks. Seeking help early is a sign of courage not weakness.

  • Any injuries that are healing slowly or not healing at all. This is a reflection on your age and it is worth being aware of any discrepancy in your healing ability.


  • Keep moving at all opportunities, wake up, get up and get moving. Life is a gift and aim to enjoy each day. Plan walks and bike rides with friends to a café or restaurant. Attend music concerts, theatre productions and watch a movie.

  • Continue to refresh and evaluate life time habits regarding exercise and eating behaviours. Plan to do different hobbies, join a walking or bike club, look into men's sheds and community groups such as rotary or lions.

  • Maintain focus to be the best version of yourself. Staying in the present moment is important for personal safety and safety of others. During autumn the mind can wonder back into the past very easily, keep both eyes open, present and forward.

  • Connect to nature on a regular basis, sit quietly under a tree and observe, what do you hear? what do you see? what do you smell? and just be! You now have time to invest into nature, each week take time out and take off your shoes and get grounded.

  • Autumn is a great time to learn to cook, it is very therapeutic preparing vegetables and recipes while listening to your favourite music. Share household duties with your partner to half the burden. Grow your own vegies.

  • Staying upright is vital at this time of life, work on your posture and balance daily. It is as simple as leaning against a wall and stretching upward or standing on one leg for 30 seconds. Many men fall over during autumn and some do not come back from a broken hip or the hospital.

  • Start tapping to dissolve anxiety. Upload the free Well Man app via the QR code below and search in the Mental section under Tapping to Relieve Emotional Stress.

  • Practice some heart breathing, place your hand on your heart and imagine a box shape perimeter. Breathe in to the count of 4 (top of the box) hold the breathe for the count of 4 (side of the box), breathe out to the count of 4 (bottom of the box), hold for the count of 4 (other side of the box). You can breathe in a clockwise direction for 3 times and then imagine going the other way for 3 times. Close the eyes to capture the essence of this breathing exercise. It is a great way to calm the mind and works well if you feel anxious.

  • Seek sunshine rather than screen time, get outdoors and off of the sofa. Try to stand each hour and stretch your muscles, do balance exercises to stay upright on the planet. Gardening is a great hobby to take up and will keep you fit and healthy.

  • Maintain your core strength by lifting light weights and exercising on a regular basis. Daily push ups can contribute to better heart health. Core strength can be lost in autumn and will tend not to return. There are exercises available on the internet just type in "core strength".

  • It is not too late to find your passion and make a part time job out of it. You now have time to seek a part time job to keep your brain and body working. The social aspect can also be rewarding for your wellbeing.

  • Autumn is a wonderful time to learn a new language or start to learn to play a musical instrument. If this is too much join a choir and sing your heart out. All of these hobbies are food for the soul and provide a great opportunity to connect to people.

  • Volunteer your time to a service club or community group, you will feel better about life and your contribution to society. Many retirees die of boredom, do not let this be you. 

  • Listen to your intuition/gut feeling it will serve you well and give you the best directions. Enhance your intuition by taking up mindfulness or meditation, spend 5 minutes a day clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts, it will make a huge difference in your life. There are many phone apps that you can use for meditation and many are free.

  • Take up Pilates or Yoga to keep your body stretched and it is also great for your mind and memory to learn new moves each week.

  • Play golf, tennis or bowls to get you out of the house and into the fresh air.


  • Celebrate life on a daily basis as you are 75% along life’s journey. Look after your physical, mental and social wellbeing to gain more years.

  • Underlying trauma tends to surface in autumn, make an effort to seek professional assistance now! It is wise to get rid of the burden of trauma otherwise it can derail the opportunity to really enjoy your life to the full.

  • Maintain positive life time behaviours. Beware as autumn can lead to over excess due to the amount of free time that is available. 

  • Travel does broaden the mind, grab all opportunities and embrace all cultures. Travel while you can as the day is coming that you will not be able to do it let alone afford the travel insurance required to get airborne.

  • Hopefully by now a little wisdom has dropped on to your plate, use it wisely and share it with the young. Seek opportunities to talk to the younger generation and share your experience, be mindful to listen to what they have to say. Mentoring is a two way street.

  • Participate in life, whether it is a sport, hobby or being active in your neighbourhood. Embrace action and contribute, the clock is ticking.

  • Have a daily laugh, share happiness and be kind. Happiness is infectious, share a joke with friends and observe the funny side of life. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

  • Watch out for mood swings, anxiety and depression during autumn seek help early if any symptoms are ruling your life. Talking to someone does share the burden and it makes it easier to manage life.

  • Avoid self-medication with alcohol and drugs, it is a one-way journey finishing with a poor outcome.

  • Finishing on a happy note, your life your choice. Being positive and enjoying the journey is an option.

Now that I have retired I seem to have less time to do anything!



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