Covid - 19 - Common Sense Do's


Maintain general cleanliness, always wash hands after going to the toilet, coughing or sneezing. Get into the habit of sneezing into a tissue or your elbow, get out into the sunshine and reconnect to nature, if possible take vitamin C, D and Zinc. In social situations keep a measured distance from the public. Eat well, include plenty of fluids each hour, rest and sleep. Reduce screen time. Count your blessings and be grateful. If you are feeling anxious upload the free Well Man app for preventative physical, mental, social wellbeing strategies, information, practical tips and skills for a better life. Join the Well Man Tribe simply donate $20 on the Donation Page and you will be acknowledged on the Well Man Tribe Wall.


Same as above however this maybe a fabulous chance to connect/reconnect to family members, look out for each other, spend time outside in the sunshine. This also is a great opportunity for the family to complete the 18 Day Physical,Mental, Social and Food Challenge which is available on the free Well Man app. Laugh, talk and sing together.

This will pass.