Up the Creek with a Paddle

7 Day Challenge



What you think and feel will play a major role in how you live your life. Your conscious thoughts, reactions and emotional responses will be tested throughout your life. Life is a roller coaster of highs and lows, the key is how you react to both scenarios. When you are young the likely reaction is more knee jerk than considering options and finding the best solution. Self management is stepping back, checking for the best solution, creating a positive culture in your conscious thoughts and being aware that emotional responses need to be monitored. For a man, wisdom comes with age. Brain development can take up to 27 years. Managing thoughts and feelings is a lifetime priority for happiness.

TODAY’S PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Take a 10 minute walk during your lunch break, before or after work. Make it snappy to get the blood flowing.

TODAY’S MIND CHALLENGE: Consider all the conversations you have had over the last week. Are there any that stand out where you have felt strong emotions in the wake of the conversation? From today, take notice of how you respond during the conversation. Try not to think ahead to what you are going to say, really listen to the speaker, hear what they are saying before responding.

TODAY’S SOCIAL CHALLENGE: Have a social laugh with a friend or family member, it’s easy, think of the last time something put a smile on your dial and share it. Laughter is good for the entire human system and there should be more of it.

TODAY’S FOOD CHALLENGE: Broccoli is a choice vegetable to put past your smiling gear. If you cannot obtain some broccoli exchange it for any green vegetable including spinach, brussel sprouts or kale. Do your body a favor feed it green.

· Life is a roller coaster, step out of the square and have a look to see how you are dealing with reactions and emotions.

· Get your legs moving today.

· Check in on your conversations and responses.

· Have a laugh it is free.

· Go green for goodness.