Self resilience is the capacity to withstand stress. Being resilient doesn’t mean going through life without experiencing stress and pain. You will feel grief, sadness, and a range of other emotions after adversity and loss. The road to self resilience lies in working through the emotions, effects of stress and painful events. Self resilience is also not something that you’re either born with or not. Self resilience develops as people mature, gain better thinking, self-management skills and more knowledge. Self resilience also comes from supportive relationships with parents, peers and others, as well as cultural beliefs and traditions that help people cope with the inevitable bumps in life. Self resilience is found in a variety of behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed across a life span.

TODAY’S PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Walk rather than drive if possible today, park near your workplace and use your legs to complete your journey. Use the stairs rather than take the lift, changing your mindset will make a huge difference for your physical wellbeing. If you are in an office situation consider a stand up desk or at least getting up every 90 minutes to stretch the body. There are some wonderful stretches in the Men’s Survival Handbook landing page, check them out.

TODAY’S MIND CHALLENGE: Set aside a few minutes to consider a current situation that is causing you stress. Write down whether this a new situation, if not, ask yourself how you have dealt with the situation in the past and how you might deal with the situation at present or in the future. Write down the possible outcomes of the situation, the likelihood of each possible outcome, and whether the weight you are assigning to the problem is greater than the problem itself.

TODAY’S SOCIAL CHALLENGE: Phone your closest friend and just ask them how they are. It is important to stay connected to the people that are important in your life. By taking the initiative, you also show them that they are important. This is a win win for both parties.

TODAY’S FOOD CHALLENGE: Don’t add sugar or salt to any food you prepare today. The modern diet is excessively high in salt, sugar and fat. Our taste buds have become accustomed to these high levels. Try just enjoying the flavours of real food without all the additives

· Take the first step towards becoming resilient.

· Less car use more leg use, stand up at work on a regular basis.

· Deal with situations early.

· Phone a friend.

· No sugar or salt.