Specific. When setting goals, they should answer the highly specific questions of who, what, where, when, and why.

Measurable. In order for us to track our progress, goals should be quantifiable. Track progress and set timelines.

Attainable. It is important to evaluate your situation honestly and recognize which goals are realistic, and achievable.

Relevant. Is this goal relevant to your life and to the "big picture" questions you have already asked yourself? Some good questions to ask yourself when figuring this out are: does it seem worthwhile? Is now the right time for this? Does this match my needs?

Time related goals must have a due date. Instead of saying I am going too, say this goal will be realised on the DAY MONTH YEAR.

Prioritise goals, make them realistic, achievable and worthwhile. This will give you a clear idea of what success will look like on completion.

TODAY’S PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: On your bike! If you have a bike start with a gentle 15 minute ride today. If you are a member of a gym, jump on to the exercise bike and get the legs pumping. Keep a continuous rhythm, focus on your breathing, keep it deep and relaxed.

TODAY’S MIND CHALLENGE: Set aside some quiet time to write a list of all your dreams and goals, regardless of how big or small. Then go back through the list and find all the things that could be done in the next week that don’t require a lotto win. Then apply the SMART way to those things. What do you have left? Make it so!

TODAY’S SOCIAL CHALLENGE: Say hello to a stranger today, everybody has a story to tell. Simply saying “hi” can start a dialogue which may lead to friendship. This simple gesture can open opportunities as well as increase knowledge. Isolation is a killer and it takes very little just to say “hi”, try it and you may be surprised.

TODAY’S FOOD CHALLENGE: Write a list of foods that you think you should eat more of. It could be as simple as eating more brightly coloured vegetables like beetroot or sweet potato. Apply smart goal setting to make it happen.

· SMART GOALS for success.

· On your bike.

· Focus on your dreams and goals.

· Say “hi” to a stranger today.

· Make a food list and start using it to shop.