Self confidence is a learnt experience, the more you do in life the greater the confidence you will have. There will be success and failure along the way, this is a part of life’s journey, and learning from failures will increase confidence. Try to recall instances that you have done well. The fact that you have done well is proof that you are capable of producing the same in the future. Determine what you are good at, and do more of these activities. Without a doubt, if you find yourself lacking in knowledge and skills to make the right decisions, consider upgrading yourself. Education does not end when formal school ends; it is a lifelong process. Depending on what it is you need to decide on, fall back on your values, desires and any supporting reasons. Don’t take yourself too seriously. So what if you make a mistake? What is the worst that can happen even if you fail? Embrace opportunity.

TODAY’S PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Let’s go for that extra 10 minutes on today’s walk. If you complete a 30 minute walk with 3 x 20 second spurts, write it on your list of achievements.

TODAY’S MIND CHALLENGE: Make a list of 3 things you have done well or are good at. Challenge any negative thoughts that come into your head while composing the list. Sit down in a comfy chair and close your eyes, picture yourself completing the activities. Be aware how you feel and engage the senses of smell, hearing and general awareness.

TODAY’S SOCIAL CHALLENGE: See if you can remember a small fact about one of your work colleagues or casual acquaintances, and ask them about it. It shows them that you have been listening and that you are a caring person. Showing empathy will also make you feel better.

TODAY’S FOOD CHALLENGE: Introduce fermented foods into your diet including:

· yoghurt with active cultures,

· kefir, kimchi, tempeh and pickled vegetables

The above contain probiotics (healthy bacteria) which have been shown in studies to reduce anxiety and stress hormones and affect the neurotransmitter GABA.

·Remember the positive and seek education.

· Walk a little further today.

· Picture your positive results and engage the senses.

· Have a meaningful conversation with a work colleague or casual acquaintance.

· Add fermented food to your diet.