Learning to respect yourself is the first step to respecting others. How you respect your health, your body and your thoughts will determine how life will treat you. No respect will land you in a negative loop that will be difficult to break out of. Maintaining respect will allow you to hook into the positive side of life and allow you to pursue your dreams.

After respecting yourself comes respect for your family, authority and community. Disrespect flows from negativity and can lead to broken family ties, and even a custodial sentence and a feeling of alienation in the community. Showing respect to elders displays a maturity and wisdom, this can only be achieved if there is a respect of oneself.

TODAY’S PHYSICAL CHALLENGE: Time to get active, choose your activity.

· 30 minute walk with 3 x 20 second spurts

· 30 minute bike ride with some hills included

· 15 minute swim

Record how you feel after the exercise in your journal.

TODAY’S MIND CHALLENGE: Choose your vice. Something that you do and know is bad for you, be it smoking, alcohol consumption or eating junk food. Set a goal in relation to cutting down or cutting out that vice and write it down, making it SMART. For instance, if you have a glass of wine or beer every day, consider going three days per week without alcohol.

TODAY’S SOCIAL CHALLENGE: Strike up a conversation with someone that you normally wouldn’t talk to and really listen to what they have to say. Everyone knows something that you don’t, so listen, learn and be respectful.

TODAY’S FOOD CHALLENGE: Don’t eat anything that is harmful to your body. Not eating things that are bad for you is easier if you tell yourself that by eating them, you are disrespecting your body- the amazing machine that keeps you alive.

· Respect yourself, family, authority and community.

· Choose your activity and go for it.

· Cut out a vice today and reap the benefits.

· Start a conversation with a stranger, listen and learn.

· No poisons into the body today.