Do have 15 minutes of daily exercise

This is a must to keep your body working and functioning to full capacity. Use a mantra to get moving such as "get up, get out and get moving". The human body was designed for movement not sitting around and stagnating. At work if you are confined to a desk, schedule in movement even if it is the exercises they suggest to do on planes. To keep the blood flowing nicely around the body get up and stretch all of your limbs, soft movement is the best, ask your GP/physio for some basic movements to complete. During your time away from work, walk rather than use the car, take the steps not the elevator, get active by swimming, cycling, walking, running, gardening, anything that gets your body moving and the blood pumping. Less screen time and more exercise please.

Do cook and eat fresh food including veggies, fruits, fish and meat

If possible grow your own veggies and fruit, catch your own fish and walk to your butcher. Food out of your own garden will taste sweeter as you have had a part to play in growing the produce. Taking time preparing and cooking the food is beneficial for your mental state, play soothing music when you cook. If you are unable to grow your own food visit fresh food markets and talk to the growers about their food, this will give you a better insight to what goes into the process of getting the food to the table and how we should appreciate that the farmers make a major difference in our life. Thank a farmer! Food is an important part of our existence, recognize its role in our general wellbeing.

Do balancing exercises on one foot daily (first the left and then the right)

A wise man once told me that the key to life is staying upright. Doing daily balance exercises improves stability and your body will thank you when you reach 50 years of age. It is also an important role to play in all sport. If you want to up the anti with the single foot balance exercises complete them with your eyes closed, you will notice once sight is removed that the challenge increases exponentially. It is a great family exercise to see who has the best balance, you can change your rating by simply completing daily training. Increase the intensity of the balance exercise by holding on to light weights

Do stand more than sit

Who ever designed the comfortable chair has a lot to answer for, people get caught up on their computer screen and before you know it, many hours have passed with very little physical movement. Keep an eye on the amount of time you are seated, it is a great habit to get into and that way you can remind yourself to move and get upright more often. These days it is very easy to find yourself sitting watching things for hours and not noticing that your body is stagnant. Get out into the garden, smell the roses, watch nature, listen to the bird songs, just get out of that chair!

Do seek medical assistance early if you are feeling off mentally, physically or socially

Listen to what your body and mind are saying, if something feels a little off, book into your GP, write down how your feeling so that you can explain what is going on. We have a saying in Australia "she'll be right"where as in a lot of cases it will not be right and if you present to the GP early you certainly have a greater possibility to recover. It is very easy to think that the problem will suddenly disappear however in a lot of cases this is not true. 2 out of 3 preventable deaths are male so come on guys life your game, a few minutes talking to your GP could possibly save your life so make the effort. Seeking help is courageous not weak.

Do stay in touch with family and friends

Most people do not realize that a third of their health is social wellbeing. Interacting with family and friends is just as important as physical and mental wellbeing. A simple phone call can make a major difference not only to the person receiving the call but also the caller. Taking that a step further even interacting with staff and patrons at a cafe can give you a feeling of self worth and belonging. For a very long time us humans have been putting up bigger and bigger fences to keep people out rather than having a simply conversation with our neighbors. Main stream media have kept us all in a state of fear that not only shortens our life span but takes much enjoyment from life. This month, say "hello" to one of your neighbors, remember we are a social animal and this simple interaction will make a difference.

Do have a laugh every day and share it with your friends

Laughter is infectious, share around as much as possible. Laughter kicks off positive feelings in your brain and leaves it in a state of happiness. Make an effort to create a library of clips of your favorite comedians and have a daily dose. Laughter is fabulous medicine to feed the soul especially during these pandemic times when all that is reported is doom and gloom. If you have a funny joke share it around, if you see something funny record it, it is that simple. Have a laugh a day to keep the doctor away, or something like that....

Stay in the moment, enjoy what is happening now!

This is so important throughout your life, do not focus on what has gone or what may come be in the moment to catch opportunities. So much time can disappear if you are continually going over your past and trying to change it or make it look different, it is all water under the bridge. By focusing on the moment you are less likely to make the same mistakes and more likely to see what is actually happening and how to make the most of it. If you live in the future you will be very disappointed as possibilities only happen in the now not tomorrow. Cherish each moment like it is your last as it well could be.


Pete's life was very sad, he had a fair amount of trauma which effected his perspective of life, lived mainly in the past and could not see much of a future. His relationships were few and he held a fair amount of anger in his system from his past life. Pete did want change and he came into our office to seek assistance.

We referred Pete to counseling which did help and allowed him to cope with his past and embrace the now. Pete joined the Positive Mentoring Program/18 Day Challenge which involved coming for a bike ride to a coffee shop and talking to blokes with similar issues about different subjects to build his self worth and confidence. Getting Pete active and out of his chair made a major difference to his wellbeing, he also released his anger on riding his bike a little faster at times. Pete started to notice the beauty of nature and had walks with his fellow participants outside the mentoring program. Pete has embraced the Do's of wellbeing which has made his life much more enjoyable, he now sees nature and has developed a great sense of humor. There are no easy fixes, daily commitment will make a major difference in a lifetime.


Include the Do's into your life for your best wellbeing. Small wellbeing changes create major life gains.