Evolution of the Well Man app

Well Man app Summary 2020

Developed at a grass root level, the content originates from the questions and concerns of real men seeking assistance over a 10-year period. The content is pitched at the average bloke and is written in a way that the information is easy assimilated. It is written by a man for men in a non-threatening manner which allows the information to be received and utilised in a specific context.

The content is tried and tested with over 12 years of refinement. As new information about the subject matter comes to light the information is refreshed to ensure its relevance and authenticity.The app by its design origins supports a connection with men and virtually to mates. This separates and provides a value proposition of uniqueness for the Well Man app.

The Well Man app supports, encourages and provides practical tools for men to connect with other men. Its content is congruent and enmeshed in the male psyche. It is something that a male feels innately confident in sharing with other blokes because it is “fit for purpose” within the gender context. It therefore creates an opportunity for self-efficacy and a ripple effect of positive behavior change within a peer to peer context.

Does it make a difference? An evaluation tools has been integrated into the app. Recent evidence from events where the app was pitched to an audience of over 400 has identified that 1. 70% of the participants downloaded the app. 2. Had used the app over a month period. 3. Intended to undertake the 18 Day Challenge (which introduces the participants to graduated healthy practical adaption in the physical, mental and social context. 4. Would share and recommend the app and its information to mates and family.It could be argued that the app positively effects the health of men albeit in a contextual framework outside of the formalised health system by enabling the assimilation of information that is “fit for purpose”, supports behavior change and encourages an engender connection.