Getting into the FLOW


Preparing for success is putting in place strong principles so that this strengthens your foundation, allowing your mind to pivot during adversity. Check out Karl McKenzie Becoming a Warrior as a guideline below:


A Warrior:

1. Is brave in heart and strong in mind, spirit and culture.

2. Is the protector of his family and community.

3. Does not hurt all that he loves, including family, community, culture

and country.

4. Protects and promotes his culture proudly but respects the culture of


5. Provides for his family and community.

6. Stands with his brothers but is also prepared to stand alone.

7. Is confident and positive.

8. Inspires others to be their best.

9. Leads by example.

10. Keeps his word.

11. Respects all, even his adversary.

12. Is loyal, but also expects loyalty from others.

13. Is trustworthy; even puts his needs second, rather than break

someone’s trust.

14. Stands up for the weak.

15. Is humble not boastful.

16. Is a role model for others.

17. Is wise but always seeks the wisdom of others.

18. Treats his body with respect.

19. Does not let fear stop him from doing what is right.

20. Respects all elders.



Follow the 20 points above and you will turn out to be a great person. You will also need to be aware that the mind can get stuck into a rut. The mind can get stuck into believing that no change is the safe route to navigate the journey of life. However, life involves constant change and being able to see outside a narrow vision alerts you to opportunities to grow and be the best version of yourself.

It is easy to get led into the herd mentality of negativity, blame and anxiety. FLOW is an positive option, being able to accept that sometimes having a rigid opinion blocks the chance of allowing life to flow. Do you want to be RIGHT or HAPPY? Putting your feet in the shoes of another opinion will give you the necessary insight to pivot and FLOW!

Courage is acknowledging the bad situation you may sometimes find yourself in, realizing that this may be situational distress and using the experience to pivot to a better place is wisdom. Introducing FLOW into your life will grease the wheels so that you can be the best version of yourself and leave a lasting legacy.

Just recently I lost a long time friend who made a huge difference to a small community, he was the king of FLOW and will be forever remembered for the difference he made and the lives that he changed by his vision of FLOW.

What does FLOW look like?

FLOW is having an understanding that each life's road block is an opportunity to pivot to a better place or reinvent yourself to cope with the current situation. It means taking full responsibility for your actions, opinions and choices. Including what you eat, whether you exercise, what you think and who your friends are. If you are ready to embrace FLOW download the Men's Life Promotion Survival Handbook (just click on the icon on the website) and complete the 7 Day Life Promotion Challenge. FLOW can be assisted by pledging to change a current situation, fill in the below Pledge Wall below, sign and commit.