Updated: May 18

Understanding how you think and why you react as a man will give you a better understanding of what is needed to change the settings. Accepting that some things don’t need fixing, appreciating we can’t fix everything and putting in place an evaluation system will reduce your thoughts and mental load.

As blokes, we all tend to hold thoughts in (internalise), next step is act or react, we decide whether we can fix the problem/thought or we find a solution. You will notice that all of this process is internal; blokes rarely reach out for help or measure the value of expressing the thought.

This thought process can cause pressure, it can lead to doubt, loss of confidence, anxiety, depression and loss of life. As blokes we will try to fix everything, when sometimes sharing the burden with others can determine if the thought is worth expressing or better jettisoned.

Understanding your own thought process will give you a better comprehension of what you need to do to live your life with less stress and more meaning. It is okay to share your thoughts, seek professional help to work through problems that may require attention.


Men are fixers, when it comes to mental thoughts either prioritise or jettison.

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