Updated: Dec 19, 2021


To start 2022 on the right foot complete the Life Promotion 7 Day Challenge. selectability Well Man Coordinator Grant Westthorp has designed a Life Promotion 7 Day Challenge to encourage you to adopt positive wellbeing habits so that you can get the most out of life. Each day you are invited to complete a mental, physical and social challenge and then make these challenges life time habits. Grant has been working with and beside men for 14 years, during this time men have shared lived experience habits that enhanced their wellbeing. The challenges reflect some of these habits.



Today’s mental challenge is to start tapping away the residue stress that you are holding on too. Tapping is really easy to do and is scientifically proven to alter the human state of mind. Upload the free Well Man app and visit the topic in the Mental Wellbeing section. Instructions and a image displaying positions to tap is available. Tapping is discreet and it has been scientifically proven to calm the mind, start today.

If you want to take it further visit Steve Wells website for more information. Steve is one of the good guys on the planet.


Now is the time to get moving. Our bodies are designed to be active. Schedule in today a 12-minute walk before work, during your lunch break or after work. The first 3 minutes start steady, get a nice rhythm going, the middle 6 minutes increase the pace so that is still comfortable but you feel like you are being chased by a tiger! The last 3 minutes wind down back to an even pace.

Focus on your breathing as you walk, imagine you are breathing down to your knees and exhaling out more than you have inhaled. Engage your senses, what can you see, hear, taste, feel and smell. Be in the moment, quiet the mind with a mantra.


One of the key findings during the pandemic was that humans are social animals and that we need social connections to get through life. Life is easy if you have work mates, sporting buddies or close family members to talk too on a regular basis.

Today’s social challenge is to reach out to three people who you consider a part of your circle of mates. This means simply catching up for a coffee, texting them or giving them a phone call. Make this a regular weekly habit so that you "check in", social wellbeing makes up a third of our wellbeing and is as important as physical and mental wellbeing.



Today’s mental challenge is to heighten your senses and spatial awareness. During today’s physical challenge stay alert, look around, what do you see, smell, taste and hear. Where are you placing your feet, what does the ground feel like?

Record your journey in the Daily Journal on the free Well Man app, you will be surprised what you notice when you are in the moment and how much your mind becomes quiet. Add an image to your daily journal for better recall.


Today’s physical challenge is to add 6 extra minutes onto the walk. Do some gentle stretching before you take off, push against a wall with your left foot forward and then swap to your right. The first 3 minutes start steady, get a nice rhythm going, the middle 12 minutes increase the pace so that is still comfortable but you feel that there is a tiger behind you. The last 3 minutes wind down back to an even pace.

Record your journey in the Daily Journal on the free Well Man app, you will be surprised what you notice when you are in the moment, add an image for better recall.


Today’s social challenge is to introduce laughter into your daily routine. Regular laughter releases all of the happy chemicals into your system, multiply that by having a social laugh with a friend or family member.

As a suggestion create a folder of your favourite comedians from the internet and play them daily to get the laughter bubbling through your system. Yes, the world can be a shitty place at times however laughter can make it more palatable.



Today’s mental challenge is having your mind prepared for the roller coaster of life. Write down 6 things that are currently bugging you and place a value on each thought between 1 to 5 with the important stuff being lower than 3. Anything above 3 discount verbally by saying "thank you mind for storing this thought but it is of no value so I no longer need to hold it". You will be surprised how quickly your mind will feel much lighter and quieter.

You may need to acknowledge the deleted thought again by simply saying "no thanks I no longer require holding this thought". Work on addressing the remaining key thoughts one at a time that were below 3, it is much easier once you have jettisoned the less important ones.


Today’s physical challenge is to introduce light weights into your house hold. Have them handy and use them often. 3 or 4 kilograms in weight are ideal. Use them regularly and complete 6 repetitions with both arms. There are plenty of exercises available on the internet or visit your local gym for some inspiration.

Muscle maintenance is important for all ages. Quick and easy availability of the weights is the key.


Today's social challenge is to take your parents, siblings or a close relative out for a coffee and a chat. Take the initiative and phone them up early in the day and set aside an hour to have a coffee and a catch up. If any of your family members are still alive invest some time in seeing them as you never know when that opportunity may no longer exist.

Taking time out of our busy schedules is important and beneficial to all parties concerned.



Today’s mental challenge is to discover how you deal with and remove stress from your life. It appears that everything is instant, we are bombarded with instant information 24/7, instant fast food, instant Facebook friends and instant negative media.

How do you cope with all of this going on at one time, where do you seek comfort? There are plenty of instant poor comfort choices, overeating junk food, drinking excessive alcohol or using drugs are just a few.

Another alternative is choosing to quieten the mind down through daily meditation. You can replace bad habits with exercising, reading a book, watching a movie or eating a healthy snack. This provides space for your mind to find some tranquillity in rough seas.


Today's physical challenge is to start to work on your balance. What is balance? Balance is the body’s ability to sense and regulate it’s positioning so that you can go about your daily life effectively and harm free. Which basically means not falling flat on your face. Every day balance on each leg for 2 minutes. To make it more exciting close your eyes when you complete the routine.

There is more information about balance on the free Well Man app in the PHYSICAL section.


Today's social challenge is to start to frequent a café on a regular basis, before or after work, for morning tea or afternoon tea just make it a regular occurrence. When ordering your beverage smile at the barista and thank him/her for making a great coffee or tea. Start a conversation with people nearby if the opportunity arises, you will be surprised the number of friends you can make just by being in the same place on a regular basis.

Small conversations can start long term friendships. Remember social wellbeing is a third of your health.



Today's mental challenge is to introduce the 2 Step Sleep Routine into your life.

1. Have a pad and pen beside your bed to write down what you are thinking. Just before sleep write down the top 3 thoughts that enter your mind. Picture these thoughts on a white board in your mind and erase them so that you can only see white. The routine also works if you wake up in the middle of the night.

2. Next, place your hand on your belly button and inhale through your nose to a count of 4 feeling the expansion of your belly through your hand. Exhale out through your mouth to a count of 6 your belly will deflate. Repeat for 3 breaths. Your mantra is "I now accept sleep not thought."


Today’s physical challenge is to complete this second balance exercise below.

Heel to Toe Walk

• Position the heel of one foot just in front of the toes of the other foot. Your heel and toes should touch or almost touch.

• Choose a spot ahead of you and focus on it to keep you steady as you walk.

• Take a step. Put your heel just in front of the toe of your other foot.

• Repeat for 20 steps.

Have a go, this sounds simple however it can be challenging. Maintaining great balance will assist longevity.


Today's social challenge is to improve your conversation skills. Start a conversation with a stranger. Your mission is to focus on hearing their story, really listen to what they are saying, avoid breaking into the conversation, just listen. This is an important skill to have in life, everyone has a unique story and knows something that you don't.

Listen, learn and be respectful.



Today’s mental challenge is to start giving your brain a workout on a regular basis by completing a crossword, word puzzle or my favourite sudoku. Like all parts of your body if don't use it you will lose it! By daily completing mind tasks your concentration and focus will improve.

Just get going.


Today's physical challenge is to introduce stretching into your daily routine. This

Stretch is called Ned Kelly “Hands Up”. Stand against a wall with your calf's, buttocks, shoulders and neck making contact with the wall and hands and arms beside you. Now lift your hands and arms to a "hands up" position, palms facing out and your hands and arm still making contact with the wall and hold for the count of 6. Next bring your hand and arms to a 45-degree position and hold for the count of 6.

Stretching improves posture and assists in your breathing.


Today's social challenge is to recognise a person who plays a pivotal role in our society, for example, ambulance workers, police officers, nurses, fireman and council workers are just a few. Acknowledge them by simply thanking them for their service and the amazing job that they do each week to keep us safe and secure. The acknowledgement will mean a great deal for the individual.

This small recognition is a wonderful gift to give to a person doing a important job for the good of society.



Today’s mental challenge is to introduce the minimum of 15 minutes of meditation into your daily routine. There are many free meditation apps that you can download on to your phone, find one that suits you.

By meditating you are cutting the transmission from continual thought. This gives your mind breathing space just to be present. It is such a simple procedure that will give you major life gains.


Today’s physical challenge is to include "The Sprinkler" stretch into your daily routine.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, lift your right hand up and move it across your body so that it is parallel to the ground. Bring up the left hand and create a support to hold your right arm reasonably straight. Rotate your body to the left like a sprinkler so that your right-hand points behind you. Reverse hand positions and complete the same stretch.

Do 3 repetitions both left and right. Continue to maintain this simple stretch for eternity.


Today’s social challenge is to remember a small fact about your work colleague, casual acquaintance, neighbour or a person you don’t see on a regular basis, and ask them about it.

Acknowledgement in this fashion can be uplifting to the receiver and the giver.

It shows them that you have been listening and that you are a caring person. Showing empathy makes you feel good, it is food for the soul, so it is a win, win.


Please email all feedback to for the 3 questions below:

  1. Has completing these challenges made you aware of habits that you can change? Yes – No

  2. Have you noticed an improvement in the way that you feel mentally, physically and socially? Yes - No

  3. Would you like to be a Life Promotion champion and spread the word about positive living in your social circle/community? Yes – No

Please copy and paste the Q & A’s into your email reply. Thank you for taking the time to complete the Life Promotion 7 Day Challenges and Feedback. Make sure to download the free Well Man app for preventative mental, physical and social wellbeing strategies, information, inspiration, practical tips and life skills for your best life.

Disclaimer: The information provided for the Life Promotion 7 Day Challenge is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the best advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read/seen/heard here.

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