Updated: Aug 24, 2020


What happens when men get too busy? Men stop exercising, self-medicate and find ways to make life more difficult than it really is. Sometimes this habit is ego driven, I’m so busy I must be important!, other times it can be incidents in your daily life that trigger an internal retreat.

Having too much happening in your head can make life hard to cope with, in this state of mind even simple decisions are hard to make. Seeing solutions to simple life problems becomes difficult, your head will feel clouded with just too much stuff to ponder. Clearing the clouds in your mind so that you can see reason and the horizon of opportunity again is possible.

The trick is to step outside of your mind, check to see that you are looking after yourself first, family second and then your work. As blokes we have this innate wiring that sometimes gets tangled up with doing everything at once and poorly. We are creatures of habit which is fine when things are running smoothly but not so good when the wheels fall off. Finding yourself in this state of mind will leave you feeling worn out and struggling to make even the easiest decisions. Upload the free Well Man app and record what is happening each day in the Daily Journal, prioritize your "to do" list and clear the clouds from your mind.

Self-medication for you should include stretching on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes, taking a walk or exercise for at least 15 to 20 minutes outdoors and having at least 5 minutes of quiet time to write in the Daily Journal to check your priorities. Simply add this routine into every day and you will find serenity and peace of mind.


You are in the driving seat, you are responsible for your life habits. Get outdoors for sunshine and joy. #yourlifeyourchoice