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Thank you for joining the Mates Connect Clubhouse, each Monday there will be a Physical, Mind, Social and Food Challenge for you to complete. Please visit your Doctor for advice on whether you are able to complete the challenges.

Over the next 52 weeks we will share a journey of wellbeing, the first 3 months involves laying a strong foundation, the next 3 months we will be erecting the framework to better wellbeing, the 3rd 3 months we will put the roof over your wellbeing and encourage self responsibility and finally the last 3 months involves the final inside fit so that you maintain the good habits for the rest of your days. Small wellbeing changes create major life gains.

The major idea to grasp when you begin the journey is that it takes time to heal and to abandon old habits that are destructive to your wellbeing. Please join in Mates Connect Clubhouse forum discussions. Only 4 rules = no advertising, no politics, no religion and no dickheads.


If your new year resolutions have hit the wall do not panic, small wellbeing changes over a continued period of time is the way to get back control. Usually on new years eve we have imbibed in a few ales and that is probably not the time to make rash decisions and change old habits overnight. It is better to consider good intentions rather than resolutions as these intentions give you leeway to still enjoy life without the pressure of a resolution.

Now is the time to start to change habits and get moving, our bodies are designed to be active and one of the keys to a full life is to make all the moving parts work to capacity. Last week's challenge was to include 3 x 12 minute walks into your routine, how did you go? This week's physical challenge is to add 6 extra minutes onto each walk. Do some gentle stretching before you take off, push against a wall with your left foot forward and then swap to your right. The first 3 minutes start steady, get a nice rhythm going, the middle 12 minutes increase the pace so that is still comfortable but you feel that there is a tiger behind you. The last 3 minutes wind down back to an even pace.

As you walk keep your awareness alert, look around, what do you see, smell, taste and hear. Record your journey in the Daily Journal on the free Well Man app, you will be surprised what you notice when you are in the moment, add an image for better recall.


How did you go with last week's mind challenge?, tapping is a great way to remove stress from the body and mind. It really does take the edge off life, if you want to take it further visit Steve Wells website for more information. Steve is one of the good guys on the planet.

This week's mind challenge is to start to introduce a positive mantra into your daily routine. Verbally say the mantra in your mind, on wakening, at lunchtime and just before you go to sleep at night. It has to be relevant to you and where you are right now. What do you want from life?, how do you want to feel? and are you the best version of yourself?.

My current mantra is I'm well, strong, calm and loved, my life is full of ease and grace, joy and happiness, opportunities and abundance. Write down what you want in your life and sculpt it into your mantra. Don't demand just inquire. Your thoughts direct your journey it pays to grease the wheels of life with a positive mantra.


Last week social challenge was to connect to 3 people in your friendship/family circle, how did you go? It is really important to stay connected to other people even if they are across the other side of the world.

This week's social challenge is to introduce laughter into your routine, regular laughter releases all of the happy chemicals into your system, have a social laugh with a friend or family member. As a suggestion create a folder of your favorite comedians from the internet and play them daily to get the laughter bubbling through your system. Yes, the world can be a shitty place at times however laughter can make it more palatable.


Last week's food challenge was to reduce plate size, how did it go? It is not easy to stop the volume of food that you became accustomed to over the festive season, don't despair it does get easier as time goes by.

This week's food challenge is to introduce more veggies past your smiling gear. Purchase a steamer and simply peel and steam to perfection. Let's go green, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts or kale, it is your choice. It is a fabulous habit to add to your daily routine and you will be doing your digestive tract a favor.


Physical - get walking further

Mind - get a mantra

Social - have a laugh

Food - green veggies for life

DISCUSSION TOPIC #1 What have you learnt from life thus far?

Each week the Well Man Grant Westthorp will introduce a discussion topic for the members of the Mates Connect Clubhouse. Please show respect to all opinions, you can reminisce and share what you are thinking and what works for you. The idea is to share all ideas for the greater good of men globally. Same routine, no politics, no religion, no dickheads, keep it clean and only the truth will cut it.



Disclaimer: The information provided for the Mates Connect Clubhouse challenges is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the best advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read/seen/heard here.

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