Updated: Feb 22, 2021


Thank you for joining the Mates Connect Clubhouse, each Monday there will be a Physical, Mind, Social and Food Challenge for you to complete. Please visit your Doctor for advice on whether you are able to complete the challenges.

Over the next 52 weeks we will share a journey of wellbeing, the first 3 months involves laying a strong foundation, the next 3 months we will be erecting the framework to better wellbeing, the 3rd 3 months we will put the roof over your wellbeing and encourage self responsibility and finally the last 3 months involves the final inside fit so that you maintain the good habits for the rest of your days. Small wellbeing changes create major life gains.

The major idea to grasp when you begin the journey is that it takes time to heal and to abandon old habits that are destructive to your wellbeing. Please join in Mates Connect Clubhouse forum discussions. Only 4 rules = no advertising, no politics, no religion and no dickheads.


How are the legs feeling after 2 weeks walking? Part of the Mates Connect Clubhouse challenge is to continue the journey and to see it through to the end. It is not the end of the world if you miss the odd session. Having the long view and consistently exercising is the key.

Last week's challenge was to include 3 x 18 minute walks into your routine, how did you go? This week's physical challenge is to add 2 extra minutes onto each walk. Do some gentle stretching before you take off, push against a wall with your left foot forward and then swap to your right. The first 3 minutes start steady, get a nice rhythm going, the middle 14 minutes increase the pace so that is still comfortable but you feel that there is a tiger behind you. The last 3 minutes wind down back to an even pace. Breathe in deeply as you walk, get the oxygen well into your belly, follow the breath in to your chest, ribs and belly and then out from the belly, ribs and chest.

As you walk keep your awareness alert, look around, what do you see, smell, taste and hear. Record your journey in the Daily Journal on the free Well Man app, you will be surprised what you notice when you are in the moment, add an image for better recall.


How did you go with last week's mind challenge? Having a positive mantra rolling around in your mind is healthy and will lead to living life in the same fashion. Obviously you cannot be up 24/7 however if we can nullify the odd negative thought the difference can be major over the long haul. One thing I do encourage is writing your mantra on your shaving mirror (non permanent pen!) or on a piece of paper and attaching it to the fridge, seeing is believing.

Currently cyclone Kimi is offshore and adjacent to Cairns where I live, yesterday it appeared that it would be crossing the coast right on top of Cairns. It is an interesting time when you are preparing for a cyclone and the energy that the cyclone brings, fortunately it appears that that Kimi is heading south. One major lesson I learnt today was being prepared, removing things that could possibly take off in the high winds, securing outside furniture, checking the batteries etc.

This week's mind challenge is have your mind prepared for the roller coaster of life, write down 5 things that are currently bugging you, put a value on each thought between 1 to 10 with the important stuff being higher than 5. Anything below 5 discount verbally by saying "thank you mind for storing this thought but it is of no value so I no longing need to hold it" you will be surprised how quickly your mind will feel much lighter and quieter. You may need to acknowledge the deleted thought again by simply saying "no thanks I no longer require holding this thought". If you are holding on to old trauma seek professional assistance to remove that baggage. Work on the remaining key thoughts one at a time that were above 5, it is much easier once you have jettisoned the less important ones.


How is your laughter therapy going? Having a belly laugh is better than some medicine, only joking keep taking your medicine! Your certainly feel better with a daily laugh, it is even stronger if you share a laugh with a mate.

This week's social challenge is to take your parents, siblings or a close relative out for a coffee and a chat. Take the initiative and phone them up early in the week and set aside an hour to have a coffee and a catch up. My parents are both dead and I miss the opportunity of a coffee and a catch up, if any of your family members are still alive invest some time in seeing them as you never know when that opportunity may no longer exist. Taking time out of our busy schedules is important and beneficial to all parties concerned.


Have you added greens into your diet? A little bit of broccoli does make the world of difference to your gut health, keep up the good work and maintain green vegetables in your diet. This week's food challenge is all about nuts!

In general nuts contain a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, plant-based omega-3's, fibre, vitamin e, copper manganese and other antioxidants which help control blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Grab a handful of almonds, pecans, pistachios, macadamias and hazel nuts daily, look for nut specials in your local super market and keep them vacuum sealed for freshness. Rather than a sweet treat grab a handful of nuts and enjoy each one as they will be doing you a favor. For more information about the benefit of nuts upload the free Well Man app and check out "Mind your nuts" in the Physical Section on the Home Page.


Physical - get walking further

Mind - prepare your mind

Social - catch up for coffee

Food - grab a handful of nuts

DISCUSSION TOPIC #3 How do you prepare for life?

Each week the Well Man Grant Westthorp will introduce a discussion topic for the members of the Mates Connect Clubhouse. Please show respect to all opinions, you can reminisce and share what you are thinking and what works for you. The idea is to share all ideas for the greater good of men globally. Same routine, no politics, no religion, no dickheads, keep it clean and only the truth will cut it.



Disclaimer: The information provided for the Mates Connect Clubhouse challenges is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the best advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read/seen/heard here.

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