Updated: Feb 22, 2021


Thank you for joining the Mates Connect Clubhouse, each Monday there will be a Physical, Mind, Social and Food Challenge for you to complete. Please visit your Doctor for advice on whether you are able to complete the challenges.

Every week of 2021 we will share a journey of wellbeing, the first 3 months involves laying a strong foundation, the next 3 months we will be erecting the framework to better wellbeing, the 3rd 3 months we will put the roof over your wellbeing and encourage self responsibility and finally the last 3 months involves the final inside fit so that you maintain the good habits for the rest of your days. Small wellbeing changes create major life gains.

The major idea to grasp when you begin the journey is that it takes time to heal and to abandon old habits that are destructive to your wellbeing. Please join in Mates Connect Clubhouse forum discussions. Only 4 rules = no advertising, no politics, no religion and no dickheads.


How are the legs feeling after 3 weeks walking? Part of the Mates Connect Clubhouse challenge is to continue the journey and to see it through to the end. It is not the end of the world if you miss the odd session. Having the long view and consistently exercising is the key. Breathe in deeply as you walk, get the oxygen well into your belly, follow the breath in to your chest, ribs and belly and then out from the belly, ribs and chest.

Now that you have started a walking routine keep it going for life. As you walk keep your awareness alert, look around, what do you see, smell, taste and hear. Record your journey in the Daily Journal on the free Well Man app, you will be surprised what you notice when you are in the moment, add an image for better recall. Having a little sunshine on your face, walking and being outdoors for short periods of time is a natural free health tonic. Socially acknowledging fellow walkers is also good for your social wellbeing.

This week's physical challenge is to include daily bouncing into your routine, purchase a rebounder trampoline and use it daily 3 x 2 minutes. This is a great way to maintain muscle and to improve your balance. Click on the link for various exercise movements. Bounce to good health and vitality. Keep moving.


Last week's mind challenge was to have your mind prepared for the roller coaster of life, how did you go? Being prepared is half the battle in life. If you are holding on to old trauma seek professional assistance to remove that baggage.

This week's mind challenge is to discover how you deal with and remove stress from your life. I think that we would all agree life has certainly become more stressful in the past 10 years. It appears that everything is instant, we are bombarded with instant information 24/7, instant fast food, instant Facebook friends and instant negative media.

How do you cope with all of this going on at one time, where do you seek comfort? There are plenty of instant poor comfort choices, overeating junk food, drinking excessive alcohol or using drugs are just a few. The result of these comfort choices are not healthy they may lead to becoming overweight, depressed and loosing grip on reality are just a few outcomes. Another alternative is choosing to quieten the mind down through daily mindfulness, there are plenty of calming apps available if you are not mindfulness savvy. Simply start using your breathing to create a space to choose a better comfort choice, in life, moderation is one of the keys and there are plenty of alternatives to overeating, drinking alcohol and doing drugs. You can replace these habits with exercising, reading a book, watching a movie or eating a healthy snack. Your life, your choice.


Last week's social challenge was to take your parents, siblings or a close relative out for a coffee and a chat. How did that go? Taking time out of our busy schedules is important and beneficial to all parties concerned.

This week's social challenge is to start to frequent a cafe on a regular basis, before or after work, for morning tea or afternoon tea just make it a regular occurrence. When ordering your beverage smile at the barista and thank him/her for making a great coffee or tea. Start a conversation with people nearby if the opportunity arises, you will be surprised the amount of friends you can make just by being in the same place on a regular basis. Let it happen over a period of time the trick is to be consistent. Small conversations can start long term friendships. Remember social wellbeing is a third of your health.


Last week's food challenge was all about nuts! Rather than a sweet treat grab a handful of nuts and enjoy each one as they will be doing you a favor. For more information about the benefit of nuts upload the free Well Man app and check out "Mind your nuts" in the Physical Section on the Home Page.

This week's food challenge is for one day a week make your own soup for the family or yourself. Choose a Saturday or Sunday so that you can enjoy the experience of preparing the soup. Making soup is a great way to up your vegetable intake in one simple meal. Use vegetable, chicken or beef stock as your base, grab a litre and pour it in last. Steam some potatoes, carrots, pumpkin or what ever your favorite vegetables are until they are soft, check them with a fork. Finely slice 2 onions, cut up some capsicums if available and place them in a saucepan on medium heat with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and cook until soft. Add some finely cut ginger and garlic and herbs into the mix cooking for a couple of minutes. Add the steamed vegetables and stock into the mix (place a lid on the saucepan) and let it simmer for 10 minutes so that all the flavors can unite. Place the soup into a blender and enjoy the soup with warmed or toasted bread.

Making your soup is a form of therapy, put on some music and enjoy taking your time, this is not a race, enjoy the experience.


Physical - keep walking and bounce to better wellbeing

Mind - choose the best comfort strategy

Social - make friends in your local cafe

Food - savory soup for all

DISCUSSION TOPIC #4 What do you regret in life and how can you fix it?

Each week the Well Man Grant Westthorp will introduce a discussion topic for the members of the Mates Connect Clubhouse. Please show respect to all opinions, you can reminisce and share what you are thinking and what works for you. The idea is to share all ideas for the greater good of men globally. Same routine, no advertising, no politics, no religion, no dickheads, keep it clean and only the truth will cut it.



Disclaimer: The information provided for the Mates Connect Clubhouse challenges is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the best advice of your qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read/seen/heard here.

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