Men's Wellbeing in 2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Report Card for Men's Wellbeing in 2020

1. Male mortality rate, particularly from disease and illness continues to be considerably higher than that of women.

2. Men's poor health status is complicated by the fact that men are more likely than women to shy away from medical treatment of any kind, what we call "reluctance with help seeking behavior".

3. Men lack health awareness and are unwilling to adopt a healthier lifestyle which disadvantages men in prevention, early intervention and control of illness and disease.

4. Males have a lower life expectancy than women and this gap appears to be widening.

5. In general men are a. less likely to seek medical attention b. more likely to be overweight c. more likely to drink alcohol at high risk levels d. more likely to engage in risky behavior with regards to drugs, violence, sport, vehicle driving and sex.

Time for a change 2020

2020 has changed our perception about the world with the Covid-19 pandemic playing out in all countries on the globe. As a global community there is a strong realization that indeed we do "live under one sky", we all must work together to defeat this virus. It is time as an individual to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Follow the Do's for wellbeing from my previous blog, small changes in your lifestyle, behavior and thinking can make a major difference in your longevity and quality of life. Start to create a foundation of good wellbeing by moving more, eating less and immersing yourself in nature. If you need prompting upload the free Well Man app and complete the 18 Day Challenge which will switch you from negative to positive. QR code on image.

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