Updated: Jul 8, 2020


Learning and training the mind towards mindfulness will allow your brain to remain actively attentive. For blokes this can be a challenge, our thought process can mean internally juggling and trying to fix a handful of thoughts.

Imagine only having one thought to deal with at one time, your mind would feel free and your clarity would increase exponentially. Being in the moment and placing your attention on one thought does take practice but it is possible. With a head full of thoughts, you will need to record and prioritise what is the most important thought at that moment. It would be wise to go through the de-stress routine and get your breathing under control. Focus on the most important thought, don’t place any value or try to fix anything. Doing this process in the great outdoors (beach or bush) will ease the burden. If other thoughts appear let them slip away and focus on your one key thought.

Below is a little routine to connect to mindfulness, a quiet outside location is preferred, simply place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and visualise a box shape over your heart. Breathe into 6 across the top of the box, hold for 6 down the side, exhale across the bottom of the box, hold for 6 up the side of the box and repeat the routine for 6 times clockwise and 6 times anti clockwise. Counting gives the mind a calm focus and relaxation comes after completion of the exercise. Be mindful to regularly complete the breathing routine.

Another strategy is to avoid being always on call, switch the phone to silent and find a quiet space to allow your mind some time off. We live in an age of information overload, it still remains your choice whether to switch on or off.


The mind needs rest from over stimulation, a little quiet time will make a major difference.