Are your personal values justified or ruling your life and complicating the issue? It is worth reflecting on what you believe in, what the media is feeding you and what in the end is vital. These days if we turn on the computer, radio or TV we can instantly find out what is going on in the world/universe. Although sometimes helpful, this can also be draining. It can alter our personal values and drain empathy and compassion from our souls.

So… what is of value to you and how does it affect your understanding and vision of your world? It is worth just getting a short list written down, date it and ponder on what you have recorded. This list will reflect your age, what is happening at the time and maybe your belief system.

Date: _____/______/________

Your list:


2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

There is no right or wrong list for this activity, reflecting on the value you place on thoughts, feelings and actions is the key. The list will certainly change from time to time because of what is transpiring at that exact period of your life. The question also is to ask where did the personal value come from and is it relevant to you? A lot of negativity can be passed down from one generation to the next, unless we value it your evolution can become stagnant. Old perceived values may be burdensome and not really relevant today.


Monitor your personal values and evaluate whether they are ruling your life in a negative or positive way.

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