Procrastination versus Action

Procrastination versus Action

Do you ever find yourself in a state of mind that is clouded and non-responsive? When your mind is in this state of flux it is difficult to make any decisions and forward progress comes to a grinding halt. Procrastination becomes a natural behaviour under these conditions, listen to yourself verbalise sentences carefully. You will hear: I am going to get fit! I am going to stop eating junk food! I am going to spend less time on the internet! I am going to start reading books again! There is much going to and generally very little action.

When you mind becomes clouded, action and solutions will tend to disappear. At this stage it may warrant a visit to a therapist to clear out all of the mental stress that you are dragging around behind you. Another solution is to put in place an action plan. Plan what you want to do or complete in the next week, month, or year. Actions must be time sensitive and completed. Your mind will find loads of reasons and excuses not to do things but in the end you have to take control and just do it.

What does an action plan look like? Start with what do you want to achieve in the short time? This may refer to feeling better about you appearance, your relationships or even your self worth. So, let us draw up an action plan template that you can use to get yourself off your ass and get going!


ACTION TO ACHIEVE: I want to loose 3 kilograms.

REASONS FOR DOING THE ACTION PLAN: All of my trousers and shirts feel tight, I want to feel better about my appearance and I want to use less energy to move my body.

START DATE: I will start my ACTION PLAN - TODAY - NEXT FRIDAY - MONDAY NEXT WEEK. It is compulsory to start on the date selected, no excuses. Strengthen the commitment by including the time when you are going to participate in the action. I commit to complete 1 month of the below activities. Sign and deliver!


EXERCISE - I will get up before work and walk for 10 minutes at speed every second day for week 1. I will increase the walk to 15 minutes at speed every second day of week 2. I will increase the walk to 20 minutes at speed every second day of week 3. I will increase the walk to 25 minutes at speed every second day of week 4.

DIET - I will reduce my food intake each day by using a smaller plate size, each day I will drink 6 glasses of water to stay hydrated. I will read labels in the supermarket and choose low fat, low salt and low sugar foods. Download the Well Man App and read the section on "How to read Food labels" for more instruction.

COMMITMENT - I will avoid eating fast food in any shape or form. Each week I will shop for vegetables and fruit at the supermarket and eat everything purchased. I will steam 5 different vegetables 4 nights a week with chicken, beef or pork and eat 2 pieces of fruit 4 times a week as a snack or desert after the main meal. Design a worksheet with each action you need to do to achieve your goal with a tick box beside the action, simply tick them off once the action is completed, enhancing commitment.

OUTCOME: I need to complete this action plan for better health and wellbeing. I do want to feel better within myself and not feel so tired every day I wake up.

Having an action plan in place makes it easy to achieve your goals, wants and wishes. It will fire up action. Completion of the ACTION PLAN will breed confidence and make you realise you have abundant self-worth, commitment and the will to become the best version of yourself. Its WIN WIN!!!