“Prostate Protection Series – Physio in a Nutshell”

COVID-19 has given rise to the increased use of Telehealth and it’s the issue of men’s

prostate that has shown an enormous take-up of consultations.

Online Prostate Physiotherapy (OPP) has experienced more than a 50% increase in men

dealing with prostate cancer now using the new online consulting service compared to

previous months.

The new online service is specifically designed to help men around the issue and is a new

innovative health service developed to help ease the burden of care, providing professional

guidance to men dealing with prostate cancer.

The service brought to you by men’s health physiotherapist’s Travis Monk, Eric Leckie and

Barry Nguyen helps to promote resilience and ownership of health through intensive

physiotherapy initiatives.

Eric Leckie, co-founder of OPP said, “It’s early adoption of telehealth has not only delivered

great value to men and their families, but has inspired the physiotherapy profession overall

to remain at the forefront and play a significant role in healthcare delivery.”

The service which began last year, has seen OPP continue to advocate for a greater

awareness program to have men adopt early management approaches as a part of routine

prostate cancer care, which is currently overlooked. according to Mr. Leckie, OPP’s experience has shown an online approach is very effective as aspects of ‘hand-on’ therapy aren’t required to treat incontinence or erectile dysfunction. “Our service plays a valuable role reducing stress associated with cancer diagnosis or withheld active treatments by guiding men to take steps towards preventing the progression of cancer through lifestyle changes.”

The gentlemen at OPP are set to launch their new “Prostate Protection Series – Physio in a Nutshell” which is a 100% FREE to access online resource, created to help any man live a meaningful life with prostate cancer. Visit https://onlineprostate.physio/free-course-login/

to learn more about this free video series and sign up to be notified when it officially launches in August 2020.


OPP is a fantastic resource and great support for men seeking prostate cancer care, thank you to Travis Monk, Eric Leckie and Barry Nguyen for allowing Well Man App Incorporated to share this with men globally.