Leaving home to study at university or work in another town or region can be a little scary to start with, mum and dad may have assisted you through the first part of your life with you really not knowing much about what responsibilities were involved and what they actually did for you. Now is the time to take responsibility for your life, your decisions, your actions and direction. Realizing early that each action you take does have a consequence is vital, you are now in charge of steering your ship towards a happy life full of memories, good times and meaningful relationships with individuals and society. You have to pay your bills so it is worth working out a budget so that you don’t get sucked into paying hefty credit card interest rates, saving for purchases will give you a sense of ownership when they arrive. Your behavior is now in your hands, sure you can party 24/7 and act like an idiot however there will be repercussions throughout your life and it is time to act like an adult if you wish to be treated like one. Seek advice and ask for help if you need a heads up, there are many agencies available to contact. Upload the free Well Man app and check out the sexual consent section, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Food is one of the joys of living, if you have not cooked before upload the free Well Man app as there are really easy recipes, information on nutrition and lots more! Cooking can be very therapeutic, simply put on your favorite music and start preparing the vegetables and ingredients. Follow instructions to start with until you have a knowledge of what works. Look for specials in the super market, have a list of what you need before you arrive and cook up volume and freeze it into smaller portions so that you do not need to cook every day. Treat yourself with something sweet each week, only eat fast food as a treat rather than a daily occurrence. The amount and types of food we eat can affect our memory, concentration and energy levels. Our daily diet can also impact on attention in class, work performance and grades. Don’t be a zombie, give yourself the best chance to ace your academic scores by following these easy food tips: 1. Eat breakfast. 2. Snack smart. 3. Eat more fruit and vegetables. 4. Drink water and stay hydrated for better clarity. Chew your food and enjoy each mouthful it is one of the pleasures in life.


If you are moving away from your friends it may be time to make some new ones. Choose wisely as friends play an important role in your way forward, seek people who support you rather than criticize, avoid party animals as they will just drag you down in the end. Gravitate towards people who have similar values as you do, make an effort to stay in contact, happiness is having friends to share your victories and to commiserate you defeats. Life is a roller coaster and there are always ups and downs, it is learning from the downs that is important. Flat mates need to be vetted before you commit to sharing a house with them, check for references and be certain that they are the people that you want to be in your life. A 6 months rental period is a long time if you are sharing the rent with a few idiots.


Sleep is an essential part of your life and is required to recharge your batteries for the best performance. The key is to avoid screen time just before bed and never take your phone to read in bed. Avoid eating food late otherwise your system is trying to digest it during sleep. It is a great idea to sort out a roster system to include work/study time, exercise time and when you plan to go to bed. Keep it simple and distribute the hours in your day wisely, it is only a guide but will help you to get the most out of each day.


Our bodies are designed to move so make it happen. If you are studying hard, get up out of the seat and stretch each hour to maintain blood flow throughout your body. Spend time each day being active, cycle, swim, jog, walk up hills and play sport this will both benefit your physical and mental health. Train smart if you are time poor, include the fight or flight routine into everything you do physically, include fast movement/high intensity interval training into each exercise. Small wellbeing changes give you major life gains. Stay active play the long game and life will be kinder to you.


Your social life is important, it makes up a third of your wellbeing. Make time in your busy schedule to relax and catch up with new and old friends, keep in contact with your family. This can be as simple as phoning, texting or catching up for a coffee. Go to parties and enjoy the company, keep an eye on your alcohol intake as getting drunk has consequences. If you feel anxious about attending social events so does everyone else, have a few conversations in mind about life, weather, sport and current events. You will get over the first nerves and enjoy yourself the more times you attend. Temptation is always present at social gatherings, whether it be alcohol or drugs, in the end it is up to you to decide your path in life. Risk should be uppermost in your mind if you choose to partake, consequences can be permanent. Remember this mantra "action – risk – consequence"before you dive in blindly into making the wrong decision which may haunt you for the rest of your life. Your life is your responsibility.


Your life is your responsibility if you wish to be treated like an adult act like one.