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  • You're young and free. The world is yours and anything is possible.

  • Your brain is still developing and you think you are bullet proof. Researchers have identified 25 as the age that the brain is fully functioning however there are many late developers in this regard the author included.

  • Everything revolves around number one, you. Selfishness is a normal trait in 20 - 35 year olds as their view of the world revolves around self satisfaction. Enlightenment will arrive in SUMMER 35 - 6O usually when your own family play a bigger role in your decisions.

  • Entering into Spring responsibility does not exist until a little later. 

  • You have not quite connected the dots between action and consequences. At this age you will have a 40 second blind spot, this means reacting before engaging the brain, be careful. 

  • Relationships come and go at this stage. It is wise to experience many friendships before diving into marriage this is reflected in the divorce rates.

  • Thoughts of ageing do not enter your mind and you conceive 40 to be old. Your body is functioning at maximum capacity and energy levels are high.

  • Responsibilities may start to arrive towards the end of Spring with marriage, house purchases and the possibility of your own children on the planet.

  • What did your forebears die of? It is wise to check out what has been transferred through the gene pool, prevention is a sweeter medicine than a stay in hospital and a lot less costly.

  • Are your personal values justified or ruling your life and complicating the issue? Have these values been passed down from your father? It is worth revisiting whether these values are having a detrimental effect on how you live your life. Old perceived values may be burdensome and not really relevant today.

  • Over consumption will lead to illness. During the rush of spring it is easy to over indulge and think that there will be no consequences in the future however be warned that it can come back and bite you on the backside.

  • Lifetime habits are formed during Spring. Start off with healthy habits that enhance your wellbeing and give you the best opportunity to enjoy life to the max. You are in the driving seat, you are responsible for your life habits.

  • It is okay to express your feelings. Hello! we are in the 21st century, it is okay to feel joy, happiness, anger and sadness. To be a complete human all these emotions are fully used throughout life, if any stay in your system for longer than 14 days have a chat to a therapist about them, this is a courageous act not one of weakness. 

  • Keep in touch with mates and catch up on a regular basis. Social wellbeing makes up a third of your health, it is important to share experiences along the way with friends and family, they can help celebrate your victories and support you with the defeats. It only takes a phone call, text or email to stay in contact, make the effort.

  • Seek professional help if you are struggling. Would you drive around in a car if there was a knocking sound, probably not, early attention to any health issues whether they be mental, physical or social will save time in the long run.

  • You are on a knife edge of life, tread carefully, stay in the moment and appreciate all that you have.

  • See your GP every 2 years for a good check up. Record all results and create your own health history.

      Ask your doctor about:

  • Early-stage heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, it is wise to ask your father if he or his father suffered from any of these conditions.

  • Testicular cancer and how to identify any issues, again ask your father if any family members have had cancer.

  • Injuries that do not heal quickly.

  • Relationship difficulties with family and partners.

  • Any physical or mental concerns that continue for 2 weeks or longer, ask your GP to give you a referral to a relevant specialist.

  • Get active and play team sports. Use your body at this stage as you are in peak condition, that will diminish as you age.

  • Be aware what food you are feeding your body, choose fruit, vegetables and lean meats. It is okay to have fast food as a treat but it is a trap if that is all you eat.

  • Save up and purchase a bike, kayak, surf board or a good pair of joggers this will increase your chances of staying active.

  • Get outdoors and connect to nature, sit quietly under a tree and observe, what do you hear? what do you see? what do you smell? and just be! Get out of your head and connect to your heart. Take off your shoes and get grounded to earth and feel the energy come back into your soul.

  • Posture is vital for easy breathing and general wellbeing, as mum said "stand up straight or was it sit up straight?" either will pay dividends in your longevity. Include some posture exercises into your daily routine. It can be simple as standing with your back to the wall bringing your arms up to the crucified position. 

  • Limit your screen time on your phone or computer, get outside and embrace nature. You need vitamin D from the sun to make your muscles move and for your nerves and immune system to function well.

  • If you get into sports start working on your balance daily, complete simple balance exercises which will hold you in good stead for later life and better performance. Start by balancing on one leg, next lift your arms to chest height and finally try closing your eyes while balancing.

  • It is important to build muscle structure and strength during these formulative years. Have some light weights around the house and life them on a regular basis repetitively. 

  • Find your passion and turn it into a job, you spend much of your life at work and it pays to have a job that is fun to do and satisfying. Volunteer time at a business that you would like to work at, as this shows endeavour to the employer and will likely leave to employment.

  • Volunteer some of your time to a charity or community service, in life giving is receiving and you will feel better about yourself and your life’s value.                      

  • Enjoy spring totally as it will never return, embrace it with both hands, celebrate victories and friendships with moderation.

  • Start engraining positive life time habits regarding exercise, eating and behaviours. This will lead you to positive outcomes in the future.

  • It is worth including some positive mantras for your mind to listen too. Beware of friends who would prefer you to swim in the sea of negativity like they are. Choose your friends wisely and ones that you can rely on when things go pear shape. Realise that life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. There will be challenges in life and having a strong friend network can ease the strain.

  • Embrace opportunities and get out of your comfort zone. It is very easy to fall into the trap of mediocrity. Aim at being the best version of you.

  • Travel where possible and learn to appreciate all cultures. Travelling stretches your imagination and also provides the life skills to ease your way through the complexity of life's journey.

  • Open your mind to wisdom from the older generation, you won't believe that they were once in SPRING and share what is on your mind. Learning is a two way street for all generations, take time to hear all stories from all generations.

  • Aim to be the best version of yourself by assisting others that need a hand up. You have a wonderful opportunity to leave a positive legacy during your time in SPRING.

  • Get outdoors and chase adventure, this is not a dress rehearsal, you have but one life. Sitting around and getting lazy is always an option but you will miss out on the best things in life. Wake up, get up and get going.

  • Respect your parents as they are trying to do the best for you.

  • Have fun and a laugh along the way, happiness is infectious. It plays a major role in the person you become.

  • You are only 25% along the path of life there is much to live for!!! 

"Youth is the most precious thing in life; it is too bad it has to be wasted on young folks." George Bernard Shaw









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