Well Man (Inc.)

Please donate now to the Well Man (Inc.), your contribution will go to assisting all boys and men (your son, brother, father, grandfather, uncle and partner) to live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

Please contact Grant to fund Well Man now.

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UK Men's Shed's 3/02/20

"great little app for men's health and wellbeing - advice & wellness challenges for a range of Men's Health topics in  manageable doses"

Grant mentored me in 2017 as I was struggling with past trauma. Getting out on the mountain bike with other men and stopping for a coffee and a chat changed my life. I uploaded the Well Man app in 2018 and have continued improving my physical, mental and social wellbeing by completing the 18 Day Challenge and reading all of the topics available on the app. Thanks Well Man.

Pete from Albany West Australia 2019

The Well Man app has provided support when I needed it. It was great as I didn't need to ask for help and could just download it and seek out some information and then I talked to a person through the crisis phone numbers. Every man on the planet should have the Well Man app on their phone.

John R from Melbourne Feb 2019

Been retired for a couple of years and was feeling a little lost. It was great to connect to the app and get some strategies and understand where I am in life.

Don from Perth 2019

I have a Dad, Husband and a son who have benefited from the Well Man app. It has opened a dialogue between the three generations. It is brilliant, thanks to Grant for making this amazing resource available. I hope you find someone to fund Well Man so that we do not loose it this life saving app.

Minde June 2019 Cairns Qld

I run a farm in south west West Australia, it is a solitary life, where some weeks I only speak to the wife and my dog. Very little social interaction, saw Grant at a trade day and downloaded the Well Man app. As Grant said while I'm out on the farm read something from the app. I have been doing that and even had a crack at the 18 Day Challenge. I also realise that I can chat with mates on the phone which is good for my social wellbeing. Thanks Well Man App and Grant, it has made a difference.

Mark -Young Siding June 2019

This is a thank you to the Well Man App from Surrey, England. Just recently downloaded the app and have found it extremely useful as it covers physical, mental and social wellbeing. I have started drinking less alcohol and go for a walk with the dog more often. I have met more people in the past few weeks than in the last couple of years as I now socially engage with people on the dog walk.

Ross Godstone Surrey 2019