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Men’s Life Promotion Survival Handbook

24 October 2022

The philosophy of the Well Man Life Promotion project is to encourage men to take responsibility for their wellbeing habits from an early age.

Your wellbeing habits can have an effect on how you cope physically, mentally and socially with the roller coaster of life and whether you stay in the daylight or finish up in a dark place.

Positive living involves all three areas of wellbeing and understanding the holistic interconnectedness will assist you to live your best life.

What you eat can affect how you think…eating fast food for comfort can lead to obesity and mental health issues.

Staying indoors will reduce the amount of vitamin D in your system…vitamin D is involved with calcium absorption, immune function and protecting bone, muscle and heart health.

Stretching your muscles regularly can aid in completing physical tasks…maintaining your core strength will assist your posture and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Evaluating your values and beliefs regularly negates stagnation…those that have been passed down by your father might have been essential to live life during his time but maybe they need updating to cope in the 21st century?

Socially connecting with friends and family on a regular basis can reduce anxiety and the chance of depression.

Small wellbeing changes provide major life gains. You are in charge of what you eat, what values you uphold, who your friends are, whether you exercise on a regular basis, if you accept mindfulness and meditation. It is your life and your choice.

To avoid dark moods and bad outcomes simply embrace positive living habits, make the effort and be consistent.

Here are our top five mental, physical and social life promotion solutions…

  1. Silence your mind. Invest 20 minutes daily meditating to cut the transmission of thoughts.
  2. Reduce stress, anxiety and tension by including tapping in your daily routine.
  3. Choose your friends wisely. Friends who are positive will uplift you, the rest will pull you down.
  4. Upgrade your senses, connect to nature and engage your sense. What do you see, smell, hear and feel? This simple action will improve your awareness.
  5. Stay in the moment, enjoy being present and maximise the now.
  1. Get moving! Your body is there to be used not to stagnate, keep active.
  2. Flexibility is key to maximum muscle use, keep stretching.
  3. Staying upright is vital for your best performance, maintain balance exercises.
  4. Muscle strength diminishes as you age, lift light weights repetitively to stay strong.
  5. Your body is a machine and requires the best fuel, go lean meat, vegetables and fruit.
  1. Human are social beings. Stay connected to family and friends throughout your life.
  2. Loneliness can be avoided by joining community groups or volunteering for charities.
  3. Have a dog in your life, they make it easy to meet people, get you up and out of the house and provide unconditional love if required.
  4. Play sport for companionship, what a wonderful way to make lifelong friends.
  5. Say Hello! To a stranger. We all live under the same sky and we all have life stories to share.

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