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Reset versus Rehabilitation taking the lead

24 October 2022

By taking the lead on your physical wellbeing you will find less pain and much more gain. Physical injury can affect your physical, mental and social wellbeing. It makes perfect sense to avoid injury by putting in place a flexibility, balance and strength routine. It need not be a high maintenance routine; it will not require long hours unless your goal is to be a body builder.

All great sportsmen have one thing in common, amazing flexibility, balance and strength. These three aspects also allow you to perform at your best in business, life and mental efficiency. There is nothing worse than having a niggling pain that affects your emotions, reactions and general wellbeing.

To be Well Man! simply exercise three times a week for 30 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for each routine. It is time for you to take the lead and be responsible for your wellbeing. Who wants to spend hours in rehabilitation, when you can avoid the pain and put in place a simple 30-minute routine to increase your flexibility, improve your balance and to maintain your muscle strength.

Flexibility is a key to maximum muscle use - keep stretching.

Put simply, muscles work better when they are flexible, suppleness improves posture and also assists you to become more proficient in daily activities which leads to longevity and overall health. Stretching the muscles three times a week makes it easier to bend over to tie your laces and complete normal required movement.

Stretching is a gentle art form. Do not bounce the muscles. Always perform within your range, avoid overdoing movement and breathe while you stretch.

Staying upright is vital for your best performance. Maintain balance exercises for life.

Maintaining your balance throughout life’s journey will improve your performance, sporting prowess, posture and general wellbeing. Most people take staying upright as a given until they have a bout of vertigo or trip due to lack of attention.

Balance exercises can be as simple as lifting one leg off the ground. Be sure to include aerobic and resistance exercises to greatly improve your mortality and length of life. Consider Tai Chi which includes elements of stretching, aerobic exercise and balancing which will build your core body strength and reduce body sway.

Muscle strength diminishes as you age.

Start early by lifting light weights repetitively to maintain core strength and to stay strong.

Maintaining strong muscles does not require hours in the gym, light weights lifted on a regular basis will serve the purpose.

Having easy access is the key, position two, 3 or 4 kilogram dumbbells in an area that you walk past regularly and pick them up and lift them. If you prefer the gym attend on a regular basis, although it is less trouble if you can complete a set of weights at home and more likely to happen. It is that easy, check out the internet for lifting routines that suit your goals. Maintaining strength is important and reduces frustration at any age.

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