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Well Man Quiet Mind

24 October 2022

The world is a fast-changing environment, the modern man is bombarded with continual stimulation, an overload of information and needs to be switched on for much longer periods.

This constant attack on your senses can cause major mental health issues. It becomes difficult to interpret a threat or the perception of a situation that is threatening.

Either way the mind is under pressure which makes it race towards a decision, you become impatient, frustrated, reactive and your inner turmoil becomes your master. Turmoil attracts turmoil, your reaction makes other people react with the end result being shared frustration, negativity and generally poor results.

The Well Man Quiet Mind is all about creating some quiet or stillness so that your mind has time to recover and stops spinning like a top toy out of control. Start your day with a positive mantra, some quiet/stillness time and turbo deep breathing.


Feed your mind positive thought seeds and they will grow into life changing characteristics. Your mind is a garden, what you put in grows and prospers if attended too, it is your decision whether it is positive.

Keep all mantras short and to the point, what is it you really want? In times of pressure verbalise the mantra internally, this gives your mind time to check to see if any outside threats are real and what actions need to be taken.

Make your mantra relevant to what you want from life, it can change as circumstances change. Feeding in positive thoughts results in harvesting positive life behaviours. There is plenty of temptation to swim the other way towards darkness however there is much more fun to be had in the light.


The mind requires some quiet/stillness to recalibrate and function at full capacity. Today’s pace is fast (and getting quicker), global information is on hand 24/7 and unless monitored your mind may never get some quiet time.

Consciously you have to deal with what is happening in the now to survive, throw in work stress, general situational stress and what is happening externally, and you have a full house of thought.

Take five, yes five minutes a day to sit quietly, preferably in a park or close to nature to shut down your conscious mind and reboot your senses. Close your eyes, what can you hear? what can you smell? and what does the ground feel like?

Reawakening the senses slows the thought process and gets it back to neutral, you will feel balanced and in harmony. Commit to doing this simple habit for the rest of your life, your mind will thank you.

Turbo deep breathing

Deep breathing requires the mind to fully concentrate on the breath and nothing else.

Sit up straight, close your eyes and gently place your hands on your belly button. Breathe in through the nose sharply and inflate the belly, hold for a count of three and exhale sharply through the nose and deflate the belly. Repeat the action six times. It will really get you going in the morning and mid-afternoon when your body shouts out for a nap. In times of trouble turbo charge your breathing.

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