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Your life your responsibility

24 October 2022

Creating a strong foundation for life involves taking full responsibility for your actions, responses, thoughts, behaviours, habits and choices. After the age of 18 parental control diminishes and it is up to you to steer your life towards positivity and a life well lived.

There are plenty of poor choices, temptation and peer pressure to embrace negativity, in the end though, it is your life and your choice. In a society that wants to blame somebody for every situation it is easy to fall in the same trap and blame your parents, your upbringing or even your socio-economic situation for what is happening in your life. However, whenever you point the finger at someone else realise there are still three of your fingers pointing back at you! Take responsibility.

Responsibility is in your hands, by taking hold of the steering wheel and accepting that your life will be driven by you and only you, suddenly strong foundations are poured into the footings. You now have a solid base to work from, your intentions become reality and darkness of the spirit dissolves into light. You are now in charge of your life; you realise that each action has a consequence, and you are in total control of choices.
Your responsibility covers how you act, how you respond, what you think, how you behave, respecting yourself and others and whether you exercise, eat a varied diet and control alcohol and drug consumption.

Life is a roller coaster; you will have your ups and downs however positive choices will always be up to you. Taking responsibility gives you a better than average opportunity to manage the highs of life and to navigate the lows.

Taking personal responsibility checklist

  1. Create a health history with your GP. Each year, book in a full check-up and record all results. Any small deviations assist early detection of disease.
  2. Ask your father and grandfather if they have had any diseases, these diseases might have been passed down to you.
  3. At any stage of your life if you have any symptoms seek expert health advice immediately, this one action will probably save your life.
  4. If you have past trauma, seek a therapist to talk about and manage it. Plenty of men continue dragging trauma throughout their lives in the end it will come home to roost.
  5. What you eat will reflect on how you feel about life. Minimise sugar, salt and fat. Keep an eye on the volume of food you eat. Having a varied diet will assist longevity.
  6. Moderate alcohol consumption, stay away from daily intake, follow the standard drinking chart. Alcohol does affect behaviour and increases the chance of aggression. On top of this is that it is a depressive and leads to melancholy.
  7. Take time each day to switch the active mind off by meditating. The mind deals with around 30,000 thoughts each day, it makes sense to give some quiet time so that you have an opportunity to ponder.
  8. Relationships are important in maintaining social wellbeing, structure in time to spend with family and friends. If time is short stay in touch via texts, emails, phone calls and social media platforms. Invest in your social wellbeing it is important to keep loneliness at bay.
  9. Check in with your responses to people, once you accept that you are not always right, life unfolds with a lot less stress. It is fine to have an opinion, it is naïve to expect everyone to agree with you.
  10. Connect with the great outdoors, spend time in the sunshine, stop look and listen to nature, take off your shoes and feel the earth. Grounding your soul is your responsibility.
  11. Expressing feelings/emotions is courageous and indicates that you have evolved into a complete human being. Anger, sadness and joy are all a part of living a full life. Perpetrating physical or mental violence on anyone is unacceptable.

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